How to Use FaceTime on iPhone and Mac?

Apple’s audio and video calling service, FaceTime, from which you can make free calls to anywhere just at the cost of your wifi or cellular data. All you need uninterrupted data and HD web camera. The major benefit of FaceTime on iPhone is that it is available free of cost to all Apple device users, but the drawback is, the app is only available for Apple users only. If you are new to iOS and iPhone then read this complete article to understand How to Use FaceTime on iPhone and Mac OS.

FaceTime can be used over Mac, iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices seamlessly. It only works on wifi networks, but also on cellular networks. Users are able to make a choice between audio and video calls. So if you are willing to see your family or friends being apart from them, FaceTime will make it happen for you with some easy-peasy steps. Now if you are wondering how to make the best out of this FaceTime audio/video calling, this article would act as a perfect guide for you. Without further delay, let’s start…

Guide to Use FaceTime on iPhone and Mac

If you are a new Apple user and do not have an Apple ID, we will guide you through the entire process in detail. In case you possess an Apple ID, it would take less time for you to set up the FaceTime. If you are using Windows then you should read this Facetime for PC guide.


In order to set up or use FaceTime for the first time, the foremost thing you need is an Apple ID. If you are a new user or still didn’t create an Apple ID. Here’s the thing you need to do for creating an Apple ID (useful for all Apple devices once created).

1) Unlock your iPhone and Open Settings.

2) Go to iTunes & App Store.

Then tap ‘Create New Apple ID’.

3) Choose the country and enter your email id (would be the name of your Apple ID).

4) Create a password and verify it. Just keep in mind that the password must be of 8 characters, both upper & lowercase. And do not repeat the same character three times in a row.

5) Set the security question and date of birth.

6) Adding a payment method is optional.

7) Once you have verified your ID using email. You are good to go. Your Apple ID is created. Now you can download any app you want for your Apple device.


If you already have an Apple ID, setting FaceTime for the first time would be much easier for you. All you need to do is follow the guide as given below:

Guide to set up FaceTime for iPhone users

1) Simply go to Settings and scroll down to FaceTime.

2) If you have an iPhone, your ID must have already been verified over FaceTime.

3) You can add your email by tapping ‘Use your Apple ID for FaceTime’.

4) Log in to your Apple ID.

5) Set caller ID (either email or phone number). This will be shown to your friends over FaceTime.

Guide to set up FaceTime for iPad or iPod users

If you wanna set up faceTime for your iPad or iPod, follow the steps as follows:

1)  Simply run the Settings app.

2) Locate the FaceTime tab.

3) Choose ‘Use your Apple ID for FaceTime’.

4) Log in to your Apple Account.

5) Now you are able FaceTime anyone you want who also uses FaceTime on their Apple devices.

Guide to set up FaceTime for Mac users

If you wanna set up FaceTime over your Mac device, you need to follow the stepwise guide as follows:

1) Simply go to apps and try to locate FaceTime in case you cannot locate in over your dashboard.

2) Enable the toggle button by shifting it to the right side.

3) All your data would sync with the iPhone automatically. But in case if it doesn’t happen, you can also set your Apple ID preferences.

4) After opening FaceTime, login to your Apple ID.

5) Finally, you are good to go and you can use faceTime seamlessly.

How to receive FaceTime call from Mac?

If someone makes a FaceTime calls to you, you will receive a notification on the screen with their caller ID. You can receive the call by clicking on “Accept” and end the call by tapping on the red handset icon shown. It is as easy as receiving a normal phone call, isn’t?

How to stop FaceTime call from Mac?

If you do not want to receive FaceTime calls or wanna make it stop. Simply open FaceTime and in the menu FaceTime > Preferences, click “Sign Out”. If you wanna make a particular caller stop calling you, you can block that ID. Right-click on the number and click “Block This Caller”.

How to FaceTime using an email address?

As long as someone has set up their FaceTime to receive calls through email address as well, you do not need the caller’s mobile number to call them. You can FaceTime someone using their email address as well. Cool right?

How to make a FaceTime call pause or mute?

There is a situation when you are on a long FaceTime and you just need to mute or pause it for a while, follow these steps…

Step 1: Click on the yellow button on the top left side of the window. It will minimize the window and you call will be paused, but the audio will be continued.

Step 2: Just click on the FaceTime icon to continue.

Step 3: To make yourself mute, hover the mouse pointer over call window. Step 4: You can then click on the mute button that appears.

How to erase recent FaceTime call logs?

1) Open FaceTime. Click on Audio or Video.

2) Either remove a particular call by clicking on it and tap ‘Remove from Recents’

3) Or click ‘Remove all Recents’ from the bottom list menu.

Can I change the ringtone for FaceTime calls?

1) Go to FaceTime > Preferences.

2) Click on Settings and the box beside ringtone to a specific caller.

3) Open Contacts (or press Command + Space and start typing Contacts)

4) Find the caller you want the ringtone to assign to.

5) Click on Edit and scroll to ringtone and then click on the arrow to select the new one.

Can I make a FaceTime call from Mac to another iPhone, iPad, or iPod?

Yes, you can do it. All you need to do is to both of the users need to login to their IDs and make FaceTime call in a hassle-free way.

Ways to Check Data Usage by Facetime?

Being a video and audio application, Facetime consumes high data. The minutes do not matter much when you are on a Wi-Fi connection, but it can hurt when on a cellular connection. Even without this consideration, you might be curious to know about the data usage per call, be it audio or video. Fortunately, you can check individual call data usage in two ways.

If you noticed high Data usage by Facetime then this article will help you. There are some ways to check data usage by Facetime. You can check how many data used by Facetime.

Check Data Usage by Facetime while HD call

You can check any call data usage within the Facetime app itself. For it:

  • From the iPhone Home Screen, tap on Facetime to open the app.
  • Now, you can tap on either the Audio or Video buttons located at the top. It would list out all your call logs whose history had not been deleted.
  • Beside each call, there would be an ‘I’ button for information.
  • Tapping on it will give you detailed information about that call, including the data used on that call.

Checking total data used by Facetime in the Phone app

You can also check the total data that has been used by the Facetime via the Phone app. For it

  • Launch the Phone App and click on ‘Recents’ which is located in the bottom navigation.
  • You can tap either Audio or Video tab at the top to select a call.
  • You would find the ‘I’ tab beside it. Click on it to get the required information.

Checking Overall Facetime cellular data usage

You can also check the overall accumulated data used by the Facetime app. For it, tap the Settings app on iPhone and tap on Cellular. In the appeared list, scroll down to Facetime. You will find the data usage for the current period provided you have reset your cellular data counter. Otherwise, it would reflect lifetime usage. For monthly monitoring, you can easily reset it at the start of the monthly data cycle.

Logging out of Facetime on a Mac

Keeping Facetime on every time can be disturbing as calls may come at random hours. Thus, you have the flexibility to turn the app off for the duration you do not wish to receive any calls on it. To achieve it on the Mac

  • Launch the app and click on ‘Preferences’ from the menu options.
  • There would be a switch next to Facetime.
  • Turn it off and click ‘Done.’

If you wish to do the same on iPhone, tap on the Home button<< Settings<< Phone<< Facetime. Turn the settings to ‘Off.’ Exit out of all apps.

How to Use Facetime with Apple TV?

If you own an Apple TV, you can actually enjoy your Facetime on Apple TV. This also allows you to share your communication with a larger audience, something which is not possible with the comparatively small screen of the iPhone. For it, you would need the Airplay, which is a service that facilitates connecting multiple Apple devices through stream audio and video. The steps to do it are:-

  • Both devices should first be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the Facetime application on your iPhone.
  • Next, double-click the Home button, click on Fast App Switcher to locate Airplay.
  • Tap on Airplay. Select Apple TV as a source of video streaming.
  • Click on the Mirroring tab to enable you to use your iPhone for audio communications while the video will be visible on the Apple TV.

We hope you have found adequate information about the Facetime App and are now able to use it in a much better way. If you like this article, do spread the word about it. For any queries, suggestions or experience-sharing, do chime in below in the comments box. We would love to receive any feedback from you as well as clarify any of your doubts.

How to Record Facetime on iPhone?

Facetime lacks a screen recording feature in itself and hence it cannot record the call by itself but can do it seamlessly by making use of third-party software like Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder. While there is no Facetime Video Recorder, the Apowersoft software has been exclusively designed for the iOS platform. You can also record your Facetime call on your iPhone using your Mac. Let’s check out a few top methods of recording Facetime on the iPhone.

FaceTime allows iOS and Mac users to make HD video call for free. No extra installation or third-party app required to use Facetime app on iOS. The problem is, Facetime is not available for Android and Windows users. Many iOS and Facetime for Windows users are searching for how to Record Facetime on the iPhone, as there is no option to record Facetime call. You can use QuickTime Player on Mac to record Facetime Call. Check the below steps.

Record Facetime with Mac on iPhone

We do this using QuickTime which is a free and native Mac application. Foremost, you connect your iPhone with Mac, click on ‘Trust’ for a successful connection and then launch QuickTime on Mac.

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Officially there is no option to record Facetime call, but there are some 3rd party apps that you can use to record Facetime video call.

In the QuickTime, go to File and click New Movie Recording.

Click on the Down arrow near the Record Button.

Next, set up the camera, microphone, and the iPhone. Initiate a video call from Facetime and hit record for the call to be captured.

You can stop post-call and then go back to QuickTime and save the call in the right location.

Recording without Mac

On your iPhone and even iPad, you can download free software like Display Recorder, Call Recorder for Facetime, IMCapture, etc. With these, you can record and store your video files on your iPhones to enjoy later. Each software has its own unique specialty and you can easily choose that one that best fits your bill.

Final Words:

I hope now you understand, how to record Facetime call on iPhone or Mac. Comment your views.

How to Pause a Facetime Call on iPhone

Pausing a Facetime call means ending your video streaming while the audio continues uninterrupted. You might choose this option anytime during the call if you need to be away from the system or you need to do other work without interrupting the conversation with the person at the other end. We have already discussed one method of converting video calls into audio calls on iPhones. You can use the same method on other iOS devices as well.

Pause a Facetime Call

If you are using Facetime for your important calls then this article is very helpful for you. If you want to pause a video call in Facetime then here is a complete guide for it.

Other ways to pause a Facetime call are:-

You can click on the Facetime icon and select the option, ‘Hide Facetime’. It would put your video streaming on hold while audio will continue uninterrupted. For resuming the callback, you can again click on the Facetime icon.

How to Add a Facetime Contact? 

The phone number and the Apple ID email address are two default ways in which you can contact another person, or they can contact you using the Facetime app. While your phone number tends to remain the same, you can remove the email id and add a different one or add alternative email address while keeping the default one as well intact. If you are receiving or making any call to any number or email address for the first time using the Facetime app, you get the option to create a Facetime contact of it.

Add Facetime Contact

If you click on any audio or video log and find the caller listed with just number or email address, you can either use the Touch Bar or click on the Info tab. You have a new window popping up where you can fill in the contact person’s details like name, surname, company, etc. Finally, you need to click on ‘Create’ to finish the addition of a Facetime contact.

You can also create a favorite list of contacts that you need to be just a touch away. For it, first, open your contact list and select the contact you desire to add. The contact also needs to have an active Facetime ID. Now tap on ‘Add to Favorites’. You would have the option to add it to the Favorite list of ‘Voice Calls’ or ‘Facetime’. You can select Facetime, and a cam icon would appear beside it to denote the Facetime favorite list.

How to Know if Someone Has Blocked You on Facetime?

The blocking feature was formally introduced by Apple since iOS 7. With advancing technology, this allows people to block the number and address of those people with whom they prefer no further contact. Like you block numbers, your number too can be blocked by any person either intentionally or unintentionally. The fantastic thing about the iOS platform is that you can get a comprehensive clue about it. Your call goes straight to voicemail after one ring indicates that your number is blocked. Likewise, if you send a test using iMessage and just receive notification of ‘Delivered’ and not ‘Read at,’ this means that they have blocked you. You can also get a similar indication of Facetime.

To understand, if you have been blocked on Facetime, just try calling that person via the app. If your call is simply ringing with nonresponse for an infinite time; it means that you have been blocked. This is because the Facetime for PC App gives you the impression that the call is going through but no communication is actually taking place.

For a comprehensive verification, you should try all three methods and if all are giving a consistent and same result; you know for certain that you have been blocked.

Do Facetime Support Conference Call and Group Chat?

Group calling and video chatting are almost considered a default feature with most video calling apps. Unfortunately, Facetime provides you just one-to-one video and audio calls. If you try a three-way Facetime, it will disconnect the first person whom you placed on hold and make a fresh second call to the second person. While conference call and group chat are not possible so far by Facetime; it is believed that this feature would become available iOS 11. Going by the buzz, the app would support a group chat or video call of up to 5 persons. However, official confirmation of this feature by Apple is still pending.

How to Make Facetime Call from iPhone

Since Facetime is an inbuilt app on iOS devices, making a phone call with it is a breeze and as easy as making any other regular call. Let’s check out the various ways of making audio and video calls with the Facetime app.

Make a Facetime call from iPhone

To make an audio call, you first launch the Facetime app from the home screen. Next, you tap the search bar, which is often located in the upper center of the screen. You can then type in the phone number or email address of the contact. If the contact is saved in your phone contact list, it will appear. If a particular contact has multiple numbers or email, you get the option to select one. All you need to do is now tap the phone button, which is a receiver like an icon.

Make a Facetime call from iPhone
Make a Facetime call from iPhone

Steps to making a Facetime video call from iPhone

The procedure for this is precisely the same as making an audio call but instead of tapping the phone button, you tap the video call button which looks like a video camera. 

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Switching from a regular call to a Facetime call

You might be on a regular call with a person and decide in the middle of the call to switch to a Facetime call. Generally, you must disconnect and dial again, but on iPhones, you can just tap and open the call menu and tap on the Facetime option to start Facetiming. Sometimes this option is grayed out, which implies that the other person has either shut down his Facetime or is not an Apple device user.

Switching from a Facetime Video call to an audio call 

Anytime during a video call, you can convert it to an audio call. All you need to do is press the Home button while on the call. The Home screen would appear. As long as you are outside the app, the video would remain paused, but the two-way audio would continue uninterrupted. You can return to the Facetime for PC app to resume your video chatting.

Using Siri for a Facetime call 

Keeping the Home button pressed and speaking, ‘Hey Siri’ would activate Siri. Now you can say either the Facetime apple id of the person you wish to call or simply Facetime. In the second instance, Siri would first enquire about the audio or video call and then would ask for the Facetime apple id of the person; you desire to connect with. You just need to wait out the time now Siri takes to connect the call.

Using Facetime audio with call waiting 

If your phone is version is iOS8 and higher, you can take advantage of the call waiting for the feature as well. If you are on a Facetime audio call and another call comes through, you have the option to put your current call on hold or even terminate it and accept the incoming call. You can also continue with your current call and decline the incoming call. 

How to Use FaceTime on iPhone, iPad and MAC

This blog post is all about how to use FaceTime and make HD video calls using Apple’s best App.So let’s get started!

Facetime is one of the most popular HD video and audio calling app which is available exclusively to the Apple device users. It comes preinstalled with Apple devices. Users can also download it from Apple App Store. It works just like a regular phone but uses the Wi-Fi and cellular data instead of the standard phone line. It can be used on any and between any two Apple devices, be it iPad, iPhones, MAC or even iPod touch. The latest Facetime HD camera gives you such terrific picture that you experience a life-like feel. Today in this article we are going to share how to use Facetime on Apple devices. If you are new to Apple Eco System then this article will be helpful for you.

Despite the fact that it cannot be used outside of Apple devices, it is still a fantastic app. Here, we would walk through the various aspects of Facetime video calling app for all Apple devices.

Use FaceTime on iPhone, iPad and MAC

Steps to Activate Facetime on iPhones:

The requirement for Facetime activation varies with the model of the iPhones. Till iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, you cannot use Facetime without a Wi-Fi connection. However, for all models above iPhone 4S and higher like iPhone 8/X/Xs Max, the app can be used with a cellular connection as well. The activation of the app gets typically completed with the initial setup of the device. Apart from it, you can activate Facetime in many different ways when using an iPhone. We are considering iPhone 6 here. Steps can vary slightly depending on the iPhone version. The different ways are:-

How to make a FaceTime call from your iPhone or iPad

You might need to go to Settings and select the Facetime. Now enter your phone number and Apple ID, alternate email, timings during which you can be contacted via Facetime. Next, you need to slide the tab beside it to ‘On’ position so that the light at the top of the screen goes green. The Facetime has been activated.

Step 1: In the first method, you open the ‘Contacts’ app from the home screen. It will activate the Facetime app on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Use FaceTime

Step 2: You can select the contact and then tap the Facetime symbol to activate the app.

Step 3: You can also tap the ‘Facetime’ button anywhere including the keypad to activate the app and make calls using it.

Step 4: If your iPhone is 4S or higher, you can even use Siri to activate the app. Keeping the ‘Home’ button pressed, you need to voice out, ‘Facetime’ and the name of the contact who you wish to contact. Facetime App would become activated.

The phone number gets automatically registered in all the above cases. However, if you desire to update your email address as well, then you must go to Settings > FaceTime. Here you must use your Apple ID for FaceTime and sign in with your Apple ID. Your email would get registered.

How to Use Facetime on Mac

If you are using Macbook Air or Macbook Pro, just go to the apps launcher or Search for “Facetime” in the search bar.

You will see a Facetime icon.

How to Use FaceTime

Click on it and then sign in with your Apple ID and Password. You are good to go.

Now select contact and start making HD video calls and Audio calls for free.

Facetime Alternatives for iOS Device

Despite being a terrific app, Facetime does have its own restrictions like it does not support cross-platform support, group chatting or group call and numerous other restrictions. Moreover, it works best on Wi-Fi Connection which may not be possible while on the go! In these scenarios, you can opt for various Facetime alternatives which can give you all features of the Facetime app as well as those features which are not available on it. Few of the top popular ones to consider are:-

  • Skype
  • WhatsApp
  • Google Hangouts
  • Google Duo
  • Viber
  • Line
  • ooVoo
  • ICQ
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Tango

Each app has its unique features and drawbacks. You can browse them and select the one that best meets your needs.In our previous article we have covered information on Facetime for windows pc ..Just go through it once..

Final Words

We have shared everything you need to know about how Facetime Works and how to Use Facetime on iPhone and Mac. If you are still consused then feel free to comment below!