Best Apps like Facetime for Android and iOS


Facetime Video calling app provides similar FaceTime features that work nicely with Android, iOS and Windows. The FaceTime App is among the coolest video calling app for video chatting with your buddies and family. Facetime is working very good with a low internet connection. The FaceTime app has gained a great deal of popularity and is quite user-friendly and well-integrated. So, it’s undoubtedly among the very best FaceTime apps for Android.

The app does a good job with quick back-and-forth conversations, with no awkward silences because it is possible to respond only whenever you have something to say. Facetime also provides Android Wear support and a feature that allow you to check what is occurring on earth. The Google Hangouts app also includes emojis, video filters, stickers, and lots of other intriguing features.

Answering a FaceTime audio call is also simple as it is almost the exact same as a normal call. If you do pay off, make certain it’s the right phone, should you do the wrong one, it takes FOREVER to repair it. By using FaceTime audio you’ve got an alternate means to earn phone calls beyond using your mobile phone support. FaceTime working on remote communication between users from all around the Earth, so it is possible to have completely free high-quality video calls in addition to audio calls with no time limits.

facetime Alternatives
facetime Alternatives

FaceTime wasn’t the very first video call app, but it might be the best known and among the most used. FaceTime wasn’t the very first video calling app. However, it could be the most famous and among the most commonly utilized. Unfortunately, there’s just no way to utilize FaceTime and Android together.

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You will find plenty of features and many distinct characteristics to fulfill new individuals along with video phone the ones you know. A number of the special features include group chats with as much as 500 people, stickers, totally free video calls anywhere on the planet, and a lot more. There’s also a social feature which permits you check the latest happenings on Earth.

You can video with around ten individuals should you wish to. Video calling from it’s easy, secure and free. The very best video calling app for you will be contingent on your requirements.

Facetime App Alternatives for Android and iOS

There are lots of other similar applications, which are made for all of the platforms like Google Hangouts, Skype, Viber and a lot more. The majority of the apps and tools are totally free to use and have versatile capabilities. Though the app itself is secure and secure, ensuring your device is linked to a secure network will just improve your security and security. There are a lot of apps available which provide totally free video calls (some are even in regard to video call quality and simplicity of use).

Concerning general expenses, FaceTime users only must pay for their cellular plans and Wi-Fi. As a result, if an Apple user would like to connect their friends or relatives, they wouldn’t be in a position to achieve that. Now just click the add button and pick the contact of iPhone users with whom you need to chat.

Google Meet

Google Meet is the latest video calling app from Google that allows users to make video calls from Android, iOS and Windows as well for free. Google Meet offers HD video calls with end to end encryption. You can access Google Meet with your Google Account.

There is no need to download any software for Windows PC or Mac. You can use web version for video calling.

Skype Video Calling App

Skype is one of the most popular and widely used video calling app. It is the most trusted and old video calling services that allow users to make video calls and audio calls. You can use it for free with some basic features but if you want to use advanced features then you have to purchase skype paid version. Skype is available for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows users.


Telegram is one of the most secure and top messaging app for Android, iOS and Windows. Recently Telegram has launched its own end to end video calling service. It is the most secure video calling app with encryption.

Last Words

We have shared all most popular and seucre Video calling apps for Android and iOS. If you have any app which is not in the list then comment below.We will update this list.

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