Ways to Check Data Usage by Facetime?


Being a video and audio application, Facetime consumes high data. The minutes do not matter much when you are on a Wi-Fi connection, but it can hurt when on a cellular connection. Even without this consideration, you might be curious to know about the data usage per call, be it audio or video. Fortunately, you can check individual call data usage in two ways.

If you noticed high Data usage by Facetime then this article will help you. There are some ways to check data usage by Facetime. You can check how many data used by Facetime.

Check Data Usage by Facetime while HD call

You can check any call data usage within the Facetime app itself. For it:

  • From the iPhone Home Screen, tap on Facetime to open the app.
  • Now, you can tap on either the Audio or Video buttons located at the top. It would list out all your call logs whose history had not been deleted.
  • Beside each call, there would be an ‘I’ button for information.
  • Tapping on it will give you detailed information about that call, including the data used on that call.

Checking total data used by Facetime in the Phone app

You can also check the total data that has been used by the Facetime via the Phone app. For it

  • Launch the Phone App and click on ‘Recents’ which is located in the bottom navigation.
  • You can tap either Audio or Video tab at the top to select a call.
  • You would find the ‘I’ tab beside it. Click on it to get the required information.

Checking Overall Facetime cellular data usage

You can also check the overall accumulated data used by the Facetime app. For it, tap the Settings app on iPhone and tap on Cellular. In the appeared list, scroll down to Facetime. You will find the data usage for the current period provided you have reset your cellular data counter. Otherwise, it would reflect lifetime usage. For monthly monitoring, you can easily reset it at the start of the monthly data cycle.

Logging out of Facetime on a Mac

Keeping Facetime on every time can be disturbing as calls may come at random hours. Thus, you have the flexibility to turn the app off for the duration you do not wish to receive any calls on it. To achieve it on the Mac

  • Launch the app and click on ‘Preferences’ from the menu options.
  • There would be a switch next to Facetime.
  • Turn it off and click ‘Done.’

If you wish to do the same on iPhone, tap on the Home button<< Settings<< Phone<< Facetime. Turn the settings to ‘Off.’ Exit out of all apps.

How to Use Facetime with Apple TV?

If you own an Apple TV, you can actually enjoy your Facetime on Apple TV. This also allows you to share your communication with a larger audience, something which is not possible with the comparatively small screen of the iPhone. For it, you would need the Airplay, which is a service that facilitates connecting multiple Apple devices through stream audio and video. The steps to do it are:-

  • Both devices should first be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the Facetime application on your iPhone.
  • Next, double-click the Home button, click on Fast App Switcher to locate Airplay.
  • Tap on Airplay. Select Apple TV as a source of video streaming.
  • Click on the Mirroring tab to enable you to use your iPhone for audio communications while the video will be visible on the Apple TV.

We hope you have found adequate information about the Facetime App and are now able to use it in a much better way. If you like this article, do spread the word about it. For any queries, suggestions or experience-sharing, do chime in below in the comments box. We would love to receive any feedback from you as well as clarify any of your doubts.

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