How to Make Facetime Call from iPhone


Since Facetime is an inbuilt app on iOS devices, making a phone call with it is a breeze and as easy as making any other regular call. Let’s check out the various ways of making audio and video calls with the Facetime app.

Make a Facetime call from iPhone

To make an audio call, you first launch the Facetime app from the home screen. Next, you tap the search bar, which is often located in the upper centre of the screen. You can then type in the phone number or email address of the contact. If the contact is saved in your phone contact list, it will appear. If a particular contact has multiple numbers or email, you get the option to select one. All you need to do is now tap the phone button, which is a receiver like an icon.

Steps to making a Facetime video call from iPhone

The procedure for this is precisely the same as making an audio call but instead of tapping the phone button, you tap the video call button which looks like a video camera. 

Switching from a regular call to a Facetime call

You might be on a regular call with a person and decide in the middle of the call to switch to a Facetime call. Generally, you must disconnect and dial again, but on iPhones, you can just tap and open the call menu and tap on the Facetime option to start Facetiming. Sometimes this option is grayed out, which implies that the other person has either shut down his Facetime or is not an Apple device user.

Switching from a Facetime Video call to an audio call 

Anytime during a video call, you can convert it to an audio call. All you need to do is press the Home button while on the call. The Home screen would appear. As long as you are outside the app, the video would remain paused, but the two-way audio would continue uninterrupted. You can return to the Facetime for PC app to resume your video chatting.

Using Siri for a Facetime call 

Keeping the Home button pressed and speaking, ‘Hey Siri’ would activate Siri. Now you can say either the Facetime apple id of the person you wish to call or simply Facetime. In the second instance, Siri would first enquire about the audio or video call and then would ask for the Facetime apple id of the person; you desire to connect with. You just need to wait out the time now Siri takes to connect the call.

Using Facetime audio with call waiting 

If your phone is version is iOS8 and higher, you can take advantage of the call waiting for the feature as well. If you are on a Facetime audio call and another call comes through, you have the option to put your current call on hold or even terminate it and accept the incoming call. You can also continue with your current call and decline the incoming call. 

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