How to Pause a Facetime Call on iPhone


Pausing a Facetime call means ending your video streaming while the audio continues uninterrupted. You might choose this option anytime during the call if you need to be away from the system or you need to do other work without interrupting the conversation with the person at the other end. We have already discussed one method of converting video calls into audio calls on iPhones. You can use the same method on other iOS devices as well.

Pause a Facetime Call

If you are using Facetime for your important calls then this article is very helpful for you. If you want to pause a video call in Facetime then here is a complete guide for it.

Other ways to pause a Facetime call are:-

You can click on the Facetime icon and select the option, ‘Hide Facetime’. It would put your video streaming on hold while audio will continue uninterrupted. For resuming the callback, you can again click on the Facetime icon.

How to Add a Facetime Contact? 

The phone number and the Apple ID email address are two default ways in which you can contact another person, or they can contact you using the Facetime app. While your phone number tends to remain the same, you can remove the email id and add a different one or add alternative email address while keeping the default one as well intact. If you are receiving or making any call to any number or email address for the first time using the Facetime app, you get the option to create a Facetime contact of it.

Add Facetime Contact

If you click on any audio or video log and find the caller listed with just number or email address, you can either use the Touch Bar or click on the Info tab. You have a new window popping up where you can fill in the contact person’s details like name, surname, company, etc. Finally, you need to click on ‘Create’ to finish the addition of a Facetime contact.

You can also create a favorite list of contacts that you need to be just a touch away. For it, first, open your contact list and select the contact you desire to add. The contact also needs to have an active Facetime ID. Now tap on ‘Add to Favorites’. You would have the option to add it to the Favorite list of ‘Voice Calls’ or ‘Facetime’. You can select Facetime, and a cam icon would appear beside it to denote the Facetime favorite list.

How to Know if Someone Has Blocked You on Facetime?

The blocking feature was formally introduced by Apple since iOS 7. With advancing technology, this allows people to block the number and address of those people with whom they prefer no further contact. Like you block numbers, your number too can be blocked by any person either intentionally or unintentionally. The fantastic thing about the iOS platform is that you can get a comprehensive clue about it. Your call goes straight to voicemail after one ring indicates that your number is blocked. Likewise, if you send a test using iMessage and just receive notification of ‘Delivered’ and not ‘Read at,’ this means that they have blocked you. You can also get a similar indication of Facetime.

To understand, if you have been blocked on Facetime, just try calling that person via the app. If your call is simply ringing with nonresponse for an infinite time; it means that you have been blocked. This is because the Facetime for PC App gives you the impression that the call is going through but no communication is actually taking place.

For a comprehensive verification, you should try all three methods and if all are giving a consistent and same result; you know for certain that you have been blocked.

Do Facetime Support Conference Call and Group Chat?

Group calling and video chatting are almost considered a default feature with most video calling apps. Unfortunately, Facetime provides you just one-to-one video and audio calls. If you try a three-way Facetime, it will disconnect the first person whom you placed on hold and make a fresh second call to the second person. While conference call and group chat are not possible so far by Facetime; it is believed that this feature would become available iOS 11. Going by the buzz, the app would support a group chat or video call of up to 5 persons. However, official confirmation of this feature by Apple is still pending.

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