How to Record Facetime on iPhone?


Facetime lacks a screen recording feature in itself and hence it cannot record the call by itself but can do it seamlessly by making use of third-party software like Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder. While there is no Facetime Video Recorder, the Apowersoft software has been exclusively designed for the iOS platform. You can also record your Facetime call on your iPhone using your Mac. Let’s check out a few top methods of recording Facetime on the iPhone.

FaceTime allows iOS and Mac users to make HD video call for free. No extra installation or third-party app required to use Facetime app on iOS. The problem is, Facetime is not available for Android and Windows users. Many iOS and Facetime for Windows users are searching for how to Record Facetime on the iPhone, as there is no option to record Facetime call. You can use QuickTime Player on Mac to record Facetime Call. Check the below steps.

Record Facetime with Mac on iPhone

We do this using QuickTime which is a free and native Mac application. Foremost, you connect your iPhone with Mac, click on ‘Trust’ for a successful connection and then launch QuickTime on Mac.

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Officially there is no option to record Facetime call, but there are some 3rd party apps that you can use to record Facetime video call.

In the QuickTime, go to File and click New Movie Recording.

Click on the Down arrow near the Record Button.

Next, set up the camera, microphone, and the iPhone. Initiate a video call from Facetime and hit record for the call to be captured.

You can stop post-call and then go back to QuickTime and save the call in the right location.

Recording without Mac

On your iPhone and even iPad, you can download free software like Display Recorder, Call Recorder for Facetime, IMCapture, etc. With these, you can record and store your video files on your iPhones to enjoy later. Each software has its own unique specialty and you can easily choose that one that best fits your bill.

Final Words:

I hope now you understand, how to record Facetime call on iPhone or Mac. Comment your views.

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