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Jio Meet is the latest competitor of other video conferencing apps and zoom as it is launched for both ios and Android platforms. This new application allows users to conduct free audio and video calls in high definition and support hundreds of users in a single call simultaneously. The Jio Meet Free Video calling app provides all standard video conferencing features and has advanced features such as; multi-tasking, multi-platform compatibility, video sharing, etc.

This new Jio Meet Video Calling App is the first app of the Jio network, which has all the features of an advanced mobile video conferencing solution. The free video calling applications will be the next step in providing an innovative video conferencing service for the Jio network.

Jio Meet Video Calling App

Jio Meet is a simple and intuitive video calling solution that can be used by people of all age groups and backgrounds. Users can use the video chat facility by connecting to the Jio service and selecting the destination through the free Jio Meet video calling app. Users can choose any available service provider of their choice. They can start video conferencing by selecting their preferred service provider through the Video chat interface and entering any part of the world with the Jio Meet Video calling app.

These are all features of Video Calling, which can be easily enjoyed by users irrespective of their skill and experience level. The Jio Meet video calling service can be used in various locations where the internet connection is not available. The application enables users to chat and share video files using a smartphone. If you are an iOS user then Facetime will be the best choice for you for video calling and conferencing. Facetime for PC also allows users to make HD video calls.

The free video calling applications of Jio are highly advanced in nature and are very user friendly. Users can use the inbuilt voice recognition feature of the Jio Meet Free Video calling app to talk to their friends.

Jio Meet Features

Moreover, they can also enjoy features like:

  • Chat through free video conferencing applications to your friends from anywhere in the world using VoIP technology.
  • Send video attachments and share them across your network easily with the help of the Jio meet video calling service.
  • Share the live videos with your friends or family members to share some special moments or even send and receive videos through social networking websites.
  • Share your video and images via social networks like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Download high-quality video clips and share them with your friends on various social networking sites.
  • Receive live chat messages from your friends instantly.
  • Send free video clips using social media platforms like Twitter, MySpace, etc.
  • Share your live video with anyone through web services like YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • Get your free video clips instantly by simply downloading them from our website. * Access various features such as free call waiting, free call forwarding, free caller id, text messaging, free incoming and outgoing calls. * Add your friends and family to your call list for free.
  • Unlimited calling facility for free.
  • Unlimited calling minutes for free.
  • Free service offers various exciting offers such as free international calling plans, free conference calling, free long-distance calls, free long distance, and more.

All free features and add-on packs available are exclusively available for Jio’s phone. There is no need to upgrade to join free Jio phone service plans. It is not required to pay any monthly subscription fees to enjoy the best in terms of calling. Jio Free Phone allows you to make a one-time usage of the free calling plan without any charges. Jio offers all the features for free.

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